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Damien Walters Show Reel – 2011

One of the most exciting people to watch in the world of freerunning and parkour is, by far, Damien Walters. This guy is a one-man show of skill, amazement, and action. And every year he releases a new show reel that showcases his skills in parkour, martial arts, and freerunning. And with that, we are proud to introduce Damien’s show reel from 2011. Enjoy…

Damien Walters Showreel – 2011

365 Day Parkour Training – Month 1 Video

With a new year upon us (2012), many people have made New Years resolutions regarding their Parkour skills. One such person is a guy named Thomas Thompson. Thomas has set a goal to do 1 hour or Parkour training every day for 365 days. And every month he will release a video that shows where his skill level is at. Below is the first video showing where he is at in skill as he begins the program…

365 Day Parkour Training – Month 1 Video

Parkour in the Office – G4 Style

The folks at G4 don’t seem to get enough entertainment. First, they fly off to Japan to try out in Ninja Warrior, a show they imported to the US to show on G4, then they decide to mimic The Office episode that featured Parkour, except take it to the next level. By no means is there talent in this video, but there is humor. And if it was a real office and not a filming assignment, there would be one less employee in the office at the end of the day. But this is G4 and this is what it is like in the office everyday. Here is the G4 Parkour Office video…

Australian Parkour – We Are Legends

Parkour is popular in virtually every country. Adding to the popularity is the spread of videos online, parkour being featured in movies, parkour being featured in video games, and TV competitions. The video below is a Parkour documentary titled “We Are Legends”. ¬†The documentary explores the Spirit of Parkour and includes guests¬†Florian Dagoury and Christophe Picot with Australia as the featured backdrop.

We Are Legends Parkour Documentary

District B13 Parkour Scene

(Parkour Movies) District B13 is a great movie that features a lot of Parkour and free-running action. The movie was successful enough (thanks to all of us Parkour fans) to spawn a sequel. Not as good, but still fun to watch. If you get the chance to see District B13, I highly recommend it. You can catch it on Cable in reruns or buy it on At any rate, what you are about to see is one of many great parkour scenes from District B13 – this one a chase/escape scene. Enjoy…

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