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Nike Parkour Commercial

(Parkour Commercials) Here is a funny TV commercial from Nike with the central theme being Parkour. A guy is on the balcony of a top floor apartment with a girl he likes. She likes his freerunning and Parkour abilities. So she drops something and asks him to go all the way down to retrieve it. He does, Parkour style, of course. ¬†An old man watching isn’t so impressed. When he gets back up, she drops her purse all the way to the ground and asks him to go get it. Again, he shows off his Parkour moves to retrieve her purse, getting yelled at again by the old man. What happens next makes the old man happy, but not the Parkour freerunner. Here’s the commercial…

James Bond Parkour Scene in Casino Royale

When James Bond was reinvented, with Daniel Craig playing the role of 007, the agent became quite the Parkour freerunning champion. But so did the villains. Below we have for you a clip from Casino Royale which shows James Bond chasing a bad guy quite a distance and the whole time there is lots of cool Parkour action. It’s not just running and jumping fences here as you’ll see. What starts off looking like a simple foot chase soon becomes one of the best Parkour scenes ever shot for a Hollywood movie. Enjoy.

Parkour Documentary – Dan and Forrest

(Parkour Documentaries) Here is another short parkour documentary. This one follows two people – Dan and Forrest as they train in a confined outdoor space to learn new parkour techniques. As time goes on they get better and better, practicing every day in the same space and creating a fan base of younger kids in the process. This documentary was created by Julie Angel, an independent filmmaker who loves to shoot parkour videos and has been doing it for years. She describes this short Parkour documentary as “a study of architectural potential and the body within a limited space.”

Parkour Women

(Parkour Documentaries) This is a mini-documentary by the New York Times that examines the women of parkour. It starts by introducing you to the terms. Parkour means “the art of moving efficiently” and is French in origin. Traceur is a man that practices parkour while Traceuse is a woman who practices parkour. While there are many men that do (and film) parkour, the New York Times took a great approach with it’s mini-documentary to explore parkour women. Here is “The Women of Parkour”…

Damien Walters 2010 Parkour Showreel

(Parkour Showreels) When it comes to freerunning stunts and parkour with style, everyone knows the name Damien Walters. Damien Walters is stunning to watch with his moves and stunts. Every year Damien puts out a video showreel of his freerunning stunts and this year is no exception. I’d love to see this guy take on Ninja Warrior in Japan. He would have a fun style to watch in the competition. With that said, here is one of the masters of freerunning – Damien Walters in his 2010 showreel…

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