Facing Parkour After an Accident

In Spring of 2010, Naim was filming his parkour tricks, including one where he uses is hands on a rail to jump over. The problem is that in this particular run/trick, his hands missed the rail and he did a face/arm dive into the cement below. Here’s the video with further comments below the video…

Here’s what Naim says about his accident and facing parkour again, “When I had my accident, I thought about Callum, when he missed the rail he wanted to run on, and I thought:”Well, he had been really strong, and fought really hard…and then he came back even stronger than before.So, that’s what I’m going to do myself, I’m gonna fight f*****g hard, and learn from it, and be back into parkour stronger than before.”

Note: Because we are a family friendly site, we partially blocked one cuss word from the above quote.

It’s not always easy to face the same challenge after a serious accident. And some people give up dreams (i.e. X-Games, Gymnastics, etc.) after a bad accident. That’s totally understandable. The accidents remind us we are both human and fragile. To those able to conquer that fear and get up and do it again, it’s an extraordinary feat.