Ultimate Parkour Challenge – Venice Beach

(MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge – Season 1, Episode 2) For episode #2 of MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge, the competition took place at Venice Beach. If you haven’t seen the Queen Mary Parkour episode, be sure to watch it first.

For the Venice Beach Parkour challenge the teams are as follows:

Team 1: King David, Daniel Ilabaca, Oleg Vorslav, Ben Jenkin
Team 2: Daniel Arroyo, Ryan Doyle, Michael Turner, Tim Shieff

Like with the Queen Mary shoot, the teams have to first make a parkour video using their surrounds. For Team 1, the video is titled “Elements of Parkour” and for Team 2, “Flip for Food”.

On a personal note, I thought the videos in the first episode were a lot more creative, fun, and better executed than this episode.

MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge