Ultimate Parkour Challenge – Pershing Square

(MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge – Season 1, Episode 5) Interestingly enough, the places not readily available for free to the public (Queen Mary, Melody Ranch, Hollyridge Castle) have made for the most interesting episodes of the Ultimate Parkour Challenge. Now, like with Venice Beach, we go back to a public location for Episode 5 of the Ultimate Parkour Challenge. That location is Pershing Square. Now even though it’s a public location, the urban environment really bring parkour back to its roots, making for a fun episode to watch.

For this challenge, the group is once again divided into two teams of three people each.

Team 1: Daniel Ilabaca, Pip Anderson, Daniel Arroyo
Team 2: Ben Jenkin, King David, Oleg Vorslav

Missing this week is Tim “Livewire” Shieff who had made it to the final stage in every episode prior to this one, but failed to win. In the last episode (Hollyridge Castle), he was looking a bit tired in the final stage, so it’s nice for him to get a break here.

MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge