Ultimate Parkour Challenge – Hollyridge Castle

(MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge – Season 1, Episode 4) As we get to episode 4, we notice an unexplained format change where the teams are now three each instead of four. This is likely due to injuries. For this episode, MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge goes to Hollyridge Castle, which is also known as Hollywood Castle. It’s a privately owned castle that is rented out for filming, vacations, etc.. How much, you ask? How about $30,000 a month? The castle was built in 1974.

Like with the last episode, the final individual challenge is based on skills versus time and this one was an easy decision as you see. But we’ve jumped ahead in time. Let’s back it up. First is the video challenge. Here are the two teams of three:

Team 1: Ryan Doyle, Pip Andersen, Michael Turner
Team 2: Tim Shieff, David Ilabaca, Oleg Vorslav

One of the teams just kills it on the video – the best video so far in the Ultimate Parkour Challenge series. Overall this is another great episode of Ultimate Parkour Challenge…

MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge