What is Parkour? Ultimate Parkour Challenge

(Ultimate Parkour Challenge Bonus Clip – What is Parkour?) This clip is from MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge where they asked contestants “What is Parkour”? Now parkour is easy to get mixed up with freerunning and many descriptions (including the one in text in this bonus clip) have done just that. Freerunning is the fastest way to get from point A to point B on foot, regardless of obstacles. Parkour is an athletic art form that requires discipline and training (even if that training is self taught). Parkour is the art of movement and the way that movement is incorporated with obstacles. In essence, if MTV’s series was called Ultimate Free Running Challenge it would be a race from one spot to another. As the Ultimate Parkour Challenge, it becomes an artistic expression of one’s movement style using one’s surroundings. So that brings us back to this MTV Ultimate Parkour Challenge bonus clip – What is Parkour?

Ultimate Parkour Challenge