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CBS on World Freerun Championships

The video below is by CBS featuring footage and reporting from the 2009 World Freerun Championships. It provides a glimpse into the growing popularity of freerunning and parkour. Events like the World Freerun Championships attract thousands of spectators and tens of thousands of TV viewers. The extreme sport is growing and getting more and more popular every year.

Extreme Parkour Action from Santa Barbara

(Parkour Action Videos) This video is great to watch. It features some guys from Santa Barbara (Nicholas Coolridge and Michael Turner) who have been doing parkour for three years. It’s a testament to how much can be learned in three years when dedicated to the sport. In this video both the parkour and the filming/editing are great, making for a very intense and entertaining freerunning video to watch. We’ll definitely be featuring more from this group as they continue to freerun through Santa Barbara…

Parkour Tutorials – How to do the Kong Vault

(Parkour Training & Tutorials) In this YouTube video, Ozzi trains you on how to do the Kong Vault. An example of a Kong Vault is the ability to use your forward momentum to completely clear a picnic table with only your hands touching the top of the picnic table as you clear it. In the following video, Ozzi uses text and visuals to walk you through the process of doing a Kong Vault…

Parkour Tag – You’re It!

(Parkour Tag) The game of tag has been taken to a whole new level with Parkour tag where the chases and stunts are much more extreme. Remember back on the playground in your childhood when someone would tag you and you’d run around in circles on a plain field trying to tag someone else. Once someone else was it you’d be trying to avoid them? Well Parkour tag is the same game, taking to ultimate extremes. Instead of running around on a plain field, your jumping on/off buildings while freerunning your heart out. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, lets start the video…

Parkour Spoof by The Parkour Brothers

(Parkour Spoof Videos) Ever since Michael Scott did bad Parkour in The Office, a growing number of parkour spoof videos have been created and put on YouTube. One of those videos is the one below. The title of the video is “Hardcore Parkour” by “The Parkour Brothers”. And this is really tough stuff they do here – like jump on monkey bars at a playground for small kids. Very dangerous. Whatever you do, don’t try this at home. But do grab some popcorn and learn what “bad parkour” really is…

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